Week 86 of the 2 Year Bible Reading Plan

Dear Church Family,
Here are the readings for this week;
Monday – Acts 24:1-26:32
Tuesday – Acts 27:1-28:31
Wednesday – Romans 1:1-2:29
Thursday – Romans 3:1-4:25
Friday – Romans 5:1-21
Saturday – Romans 6:1-23
Reminder: As of today, I’ve received 35 envelopes with your “One Wish for 2014.”  That leaves about 50 envelopes to go. If you were absent from church on 1/5/14 or if you need a refresher on the assignment, here it is one more time… 1) go to tlctrinity.org, 2) listen to the sermon from 1-5-14 “One Wish for 2014” 3) do the assignment, and 4) turn it in to me.  If you need an envelope/sermon insert, let me know. 
Blessings on your reading for this week,