2 Year Bible Reading Plan

Dear Church Family,
Here are the readings for this week,
Feb. 16: Ex. 5-6
❏ Feb. 17: Ex. 7-8
❏ Feb. 18: Ex. 9-10
❏ Feb. 19: Ex. 11-12
❏ Feb. 20: Ex. 13-14
❏ Feb. 21: Ex. 15-16
❏ Feb. 22: Ex. 17-18
Theology on Tap: On the last Thursday of each month we will be meeting a Lonzalo’s (Italian restaurant across the street from church) at 6:00pm to discuss any questions we may have about our Bible readings. This month the meeting is on February 26th, so write down your questions and come join us!  Times of Refreshing is also on the last Thursday of the month (the church will be open for personal prayers from 3-5:30pm, with a brief corporate prayer service at 5:30pm.) 
Blessings on your reading,
Pastor Marc