Monthly Archives: June 2015

2 Year Bible Reading Plan

Dear Church Family,
Here are the readings for this week;
June 29: 2 Sam 5:1-10

❏ June 30: 1 Chron. 11-12
July 1: Psalm 133

❏ July 2: Ps 106-107
❏ July 3: 2 Sam 5:11-6:23
❏ July 4: 1 Chron 13-14
❏ July 5: 1 Chron 15-16
Verse of the week; Psalm 133:1,3 “Behold, how good and pleasant it is when brothers dwell in unity! …For there the Lord has commanded the blessing, live forever more.”  “Descriptions of the goodness and pleasure of unity reminds us that we often experience discord, strife, and disunity instead. This is true of our families, our communities, and our churches. Yet Christ’s prayer is that ‘they may be one even as We are One.’ He bestows that unity through the Holy Spirit in the waters of Baptism.” (from the LSB)
My prayer for our families and our church family is that we will focus on the unity of love, life and purpose that we have received through being united with Christ in our baptisms and that we will set aside any petty differences that may cause disunity among us. “For there the Lord commands the blessing.”   
May we remain faithful to each other and to our mission as His Church,
Pastor Marc

Supreme Court Decision

Dear Church Family,
In light of the Supreme Court’s decision on same-sex marriage, I believe that it is vital to our church that we understand what we believe, teach and confess about marriage and homosexuality according to God’s Word, (not according to the court of human opinion.)  Therefore, I will be available after each service this weekend if anyone would like to discuss this issue and possible future implications for TLC. 
Pastor Marc
(I’ve attached a copy of a recent document that was emailed from the LCMS to all of its pastors. Feel free to use/print it as need be.)

pdf icon Marriage_Policies_for_LCMS_Member_Congregations_131119.pdf